Support Transformation Effort Program (STEP-UG)

Organization Description: 

STEP-UG was formed on the 8th of February 2008 but got established on 23rd May 2009 and its membership has since grown tremendously. Its fully being run by Ugandan nationals who largely come from the region. Its contact office is located in Mbale municipality along Kumi Road Plot 18 and on an Email/s; and The overriding desire of STEP-UG is to have a vibrant organization actively engaged in advocacy for equitable and just policies and programs that duly meet the concerns and aspirations of the people of the region and citizen of Uganda at large. The vision and mission statements of STEP-UG and its stated core values clearly lend credence to this mandate and provide justification for its existence. The Organization also boost of a highly diversified membership that comprises of faith-based organizations (FBOs), Local NGOs and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).

As part of its governance structure, STEP-UG has the following organs of governance:- General Assembly - the Supreme Policy Making Organ of the Agency Board of Directors (headed by a Chairman & deputized by Vice Chairman) is the Policy-making Body, which provides Strategic Management Support to the Secretariat. Advisory Board (A Team of Patrons & Technical & Legal Advisors) - Provides Advisory Service to the Organization.

Secretariat (headed by the Executive director) is responsible for the routine management of the Organization. Within the Secretariat, there is a Program Manager coordinator supported by a core of full-time staffers who oversee the day-to-day affairs & ensure smooth running of the activities of STEP-Uganda. Whereas the Secretariat works full-time, the General Assembly, Board of Directors and Advisory Board are not, but work based on schedules.

STEP-UG encounters some challenges in managing and pursuing its mandate for example;

Inadequate Funds: Whereas STEP-UG has started implementing some of its programmes, especially, in rural areas through volunteer efforts, it finds difficulties in raising its own funds since it is a non-profit-making organization and there is still no donor-funding available to the organization.

However, some of the above problems are being mitigated through in-house training of staff members by the Program Coordinator to integrate the key values of STEP-UG into the organizations workings, promoting shared vision and mission and enhance relevant skills among the staffers; getting volunteers, periodic monitoring and evaluation of the Organizations performance, and networking with other organizations which have been there much longer in the area of Community development.

P.O.Box 329, Mbale Uganda
Mbale/ Kampala, UK +256
Mission Statement: 

Support Transformation Effort Program (STEP-UG) is an organization operating in the Eastern Part of Uganda. It is non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit and non-sectarian Organization, drawing its membership from a wide spectrum and involvement of Ugandans that share the goals of the Organization of promoting Education among the OVCs by providing them with technical/vocational skills and scholastic materials, Environmental sustainability through tree planting, Modern farming/Agriculture, capacity building, health and sanitation, transparency and accountability, technology advancement and church gospel networking among others.

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