Organization Description: 

Sustainable Rural Community Development (SURCOD) is a local Non-Governmental Organisation creating opportunities for lasting improvement in peoples lives. The organisation was incorporated on 17th May, 2010 as a Limited private company with the registration number 10522. SURCOD is a member of Council for Non-Governmental Organisation in Malawi CONGOMA since its inception in 2011 and our registration number is C564/2011. On 1st August 2013 Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at its Substantive Session of July 2013 adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to grant special consultative status to Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation (SURCOD). In Malawi we work in Nsanje in collaboration with Nsanje District Council and communities to implement development interventions reaching over the rural people. Over the past five years we have gained significant experience across a range of areas including agriculture; climate change and disaster risk management; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); economic empowerment; malaria prevention and control, safe motherhood, community mobilization and capacity building at District and Community level; cross-cutting issues such as HIV/AIDS and Nutrition, Gender and Human Rights. We have also partnered with various organisations such as Amaidi Global, Birthing Kit foundation of Australia, Volkart Vision Foundation, Vitamin Angels, A safe world for women, and many others. Local NGOs in Malawi. We work with the recognised District structures and Community structures (Village Development Committees, Area Development Committees, School Committees, Parents and Teacher Committees, Village Health Committees etc) to enable the effective development and delivery of District Plans. We also develop the capacity of community structures as an essential step in enhancing peoples choices, opportunities and capacity to participate effectively in society. We focus on holistic, integrated programmes which have a practical and meaningful impact on rural peoples lives in order to achieve our strategic objectives. In the context of project development we always prioritise the needs of the local communities as the owners of the initiative and for sustainability sake.

P.O. BOX 126
NSANJE, 0265
Mission Statement: 

Vision statement Our vision is a country, Malawi, where rural communities are self-sustained, where the population is healthy and fully empowered, and where all people are equal, know their rights and take their own development initiatives. Mission statement To improve the livelihoods of rural communities by generating economic, agricultural, educational and cultural empowerment, and by promoting health and gender equality through the mobilisation, training, education and entertainment of all women, men and children. Aim SURCOD is aiming at Creating Sustainable livelihood for the improvement of the local communities in Malawi, for us to achieve this we demarcated our services into the following strategies

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