Sweaty Sheep

1044 alta vista rd
louisville, KY 40205
Mission Statement: 

Team Sweaty Sheep has a goal of bringing together like minded Christians to show the world just what is possible through the strength of and faith in Christ. We motivated not to condemn "nonbelievers," not to be swinging "the sword of scripture," but by having fun, by racing, by worshiping, by sitting around talking, laughing, singing... Team Sweaty Sheep has a goal of LIVING!!! and showing others how beautiful it is and how good it feels to LIVE!
We are under no false presumptions that a church has walls... some churches do have walls and that is fantastic. We certainly do not restrict the "Christian partitioner" to a certain gender, race, orientation, etc. As well we do not restrict our personal capabilities to any mortal standards. Peter walked on water with a little faith... with true undoubting faith and worship we can accomplish anything through the power and love of God (and we will.) Join team Sweaty Sheep, sign up for a race, check our calender for local events we will be participating at so that you can experience the fellowship of other Christian competitors and energetic, healthy disciples.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

church is big, church is fluid, church is fun, and church is moving

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