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We are simular to the Salvation Army, but with our non-denominational approach we are able to help the spirit of a person. We are a start up organization that understands the concept of numerology and ennegram theories and are debunking these theories that error in leaving out the sprirtual. We add God into the stew! Check out the website for more info.

TEARS (THE APPLIED ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SPIRIT) has also helped in the creation of a unbias Hiring and Termination Process that defines the gray areas in the Human Resources Process for Hiring. In respect of the separation of church and State this startup organization called FPAC created a hiring/ Termination Process incorporation the rudimentary structures from the oldest and most active religions to date with the understanding that companies want a employee that is not detrimental to the legal legalities in which the company must functions that does not afford a true appreciation of the fore mention described religions. The religious structure spans from Shiolin, Roman Catholic, Kandala, Zen/Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim with the understanding that aspects of this collection encompass the roots of most modern day religious thoughts and rights. This process is a unbiased application of a Hiring/Termination Process to protect companies from unwittingly breaking Fair Employment Statues and limitations, cultivating an inherent understanding, and defining office group cohesion for the prosperity of said company in its application of the 4 Point Wheel of Karma Process to balance the innate bias of the person, community affiliation, and/or church/temple/mosk affiliation(s) within a respectable reason. This effort deems the companies that use this process as "blessed".

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3457 Buccaneer Circle
Sacramento, CA 95825
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THE APPLIED ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SPIRIT is a connected link volunteer organization that understand the 1,2,3 process of aid and relief defined as to collect, to serve and to aid. An organization that helps individuals learn who they are, dispite where they come from, to better understand where they are going. One that breaks the karma of leading the horse to water, but you can not make them drink when water may not be what they need.

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