tears of joy Gambia

Organization Description: 

To help our less privileged families in providing educational opportunities to their children as being directed by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during my encounter with him.In our country Gambia,a lot of christian families are finding it extremely difficult to enroll their children into schools,most of these children are talents but it is quit unfortunate that at the end of the day you see these children turning into beggars.In most cases some are forced to join the Arabic free education scheme in an English speaking country.we are under an Islamic leadership and this situation does not favor we Christians in the area of accessing free education scheme. When Jesus Christ visited me,He gave me the charge to wipe away the tears or humiliation/intimidation from these families,and turn it into tears of joy .Today we are doing it and we call it tears of joy.We are working in the areas of scholarship awards,conducting special lesson centers,providing them with modern learning materials and in some cases teaching materials to some schools but this is not our actual mission,we are working on building an international school which will bring these children under one umbrella were they will be give both moral and spiritual training that will bring out the light in them to shine as children of the light.

New life fellowship ministry PO BOX2045 Former tippa Garrage serrekunda Gambia.
serrekunda, +220
Mission Statement: 

To restore hope to the hopeless.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in the report of God.He know me more than i know myself ,so seeing myself in this very position to serve him and humanity is not an act by mistake.He promise to be with me to the very end and i believe .

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