Terra Lingua USA

Organization Description: 

To promote international understanding and improvement of language skills through a family home stay experience where both the family and the student benefits.

To stimulate interest in language and global education.

To help prepare our youth for future opportunities in the global workplace. The world is quickly becoming a smaller place.

To support foreign language education in U.S. schools by encouraging students to begin and continue foreign language study.

To provide well-planned, thoughtfully designed, and affordable opportunities to a wide range of students and families.

To make participation a rewarding experience for both students and host families by meeting all needs through a strong and caring support network.

237 Bittersweet Lane
Myrtle Beach, SC 06511
Mission Statement: 

The Mission of Terra Lingua USA is to provide quality international exchange experiences in an effort to promote global understanding and experiential education to people worldwide. To fulfill this mission, Terra Lingua USA shall

Offer safe and affordable exchange experiences through an established and caring network.

Conduct all Terra Lingua USAÂ’s programs with integrity in a non-discriminatory manner.

Partner only with organizations, international partners, and staff that share our goals and values.

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