Organization Description: 

THORMINC provides several services to the community as a Faith Based provider.

1. THORMINC is an Ex-Offender Re-entry provider that is contracted with the Florida Department of Corrections. Here we have 3 locations that provide supportive housing that house 14 men. Services include food, new clothing, job referrals, job training, Christian 12 Step classes, Spiritual Enrichment, Life skill training, Traditional Alcohol Anonymous and group meetings.

2. THORMINC also is an Organizational Payee Service for individuals that are disabled and require fiduciary oversight to their monthly Social Security Income and Social Security Disability Income.

3. THORMINC Computer Program. THORMINC receives computers donated in from the community to rebuild and donate and/or sell to other non-profits that will be used to do job searches, home work completion and teaching at risk young men to disassemble computer, register into college to become A+ certified in computer technical skills.

134 East Church Street
Jacksonville, FL 32226
Mission Statement: 

Provide supportive housing and services to individuals in need.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

THORMINC is a church that is for the community to bring all together to worship, work under God Almighty.

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