Organization Description: 

Tinada Youth Group registered in 2001 as a Community Based Organization with Ministry of Gender, Sports and Social Services holding certificate No. ND/YD/4595.

It was initiated to create self-reliance among the youth, by mobilizing local resources to improve Health & development activities. Her Major activities include; participatory action planning with group members & stakeholders, mentorship and talent development activities involve: art and design, computer training, skills training, photograph, poultry keeping among the individual members, tree planting and general environmental care, Networking and collaboration with relevant sectors, Tinada Youth Group work with youth in and out of school, who drop in our resource center, based in Katito Township for skills development, mentorship, referral, computer training, library, reproductive health information and other talent development and linkage services..

VISION: A centre of excellence in ensuring healthy empowered Youth, taking lead in Entrepreneurship and Community Development Initiatives.

MISSION: We exist to promote Health seeking behaviour, integrity, glory of productive work and Economically productive life among the Youth in Kenya through demonstrated good practices and strategic networking
Reduce Unemployment Among the Youth and better Health
Tinada Youth Group is a youth led organization working with youth in and out of school as direct beneficiaries and general community through young people. We carry out demonstration of what we expect of the fellow youth to emulate or do. We target the school child, orphans and youth out of school so that they motivate parents / guardians and grow with the culture of love and care for clean environment and promotion of community development. TINADA work hand in hand with local groups, networks, collaborators and partners within and out of the community. Community mobilization and sensitization are some of the strategies we use to reach the intended beneficiaries through public barazas, church forums, during public celebration and through community dialogue forums with elders and youth. We promote exchange program / visits for leaning and sharing of important development initiatives from other communities. We embark on community participation and communication approaches as well as ensuring appropriate tracking, follow-up and daily record keeping

Our major Programs

6. Education and training through Mentorship and career development
Tinada work with youth in and out of school, who drop in our information resource center rented in katito rural market, for information, skills/ talent development in art and design, graphic design, computer training, club health discussion, referrals and linkages services.
In line with this project TINADA is Coordinating and mobilizing mostly unemployed youth to join community college project working together with Local Initiatives Development Agency (LIDA) and Great Lakes University of kisumu (GLUK). This is a new programme in our area where young people studies and stay within the community. The project is majorly based on entrepreneurship. The student?s first take certificate in Poultry science, Hotibusiness, agribusiness and community health and development. The students attend classes twice or thrice a week depending on the subject. The project is still hosted in a Chief Camp as we plan to establish the leaning center within katito market where the Tinada has already purchased the Land.

7. Environmental Health
This project involves environmental rejuvenation and health promotion especially in area of reproductive health among young people/teenagers. Tinada promote discussions, forums, debates and sporting activities among the youth in and out of school through environmental health clubs. Currently we partner with 2 public primary school and one Early Childhood Development School. We mostly target the girl child and the orphans who highly vulnerable to HIV/AIDs and also burden of getting sanitary towels because of economic status of the community.
Environmental conservation is one of our core values. The project includes tree nursery establishment, tree planting (within the community and katito market), and woodlots establishment through farmers, market clean up and planning to establish well sustainable public toilets in katito market.

8. Economic Initiatives
Tinada have fight to reduce unemployment among the youth. We run 3 business enterprises combine within our center katito, these includes,
1. Mentors Arts center project (deals with art and design)
2. Royeva technology Center project (deals with ICT)
3. Jascom Photo Enterprises project (deals with photography)
It through the enterprises where we ensure young people are involved in the services we are providing as they learn. We believe that leaning by doing is the best practise and gives more skills and experience. We provide and extend our services to business men, schools/institution, government ministries, CBOs, NGOs and the general community especially In area of art and design including painting, coding, portraits, rubber stamps, banners, ceremony badges, sign writing, physical drawing and others. It?s this income generating activities which ensure financial sustainability of the projects and the young people involved.

6) agricultural production
Among the individual?s members and the youth group?s partners within the Nyakach community, Tinada work to promote horticulture, bee keeping, Improved dairy production, poultry keeping. Some of the groups we partner with through a network includes: Thim Youth group, masae women group, Onyuongo Vision Youth Group, Oremo women Group, Kosogo Youth Group,chuny thuolo Group. We promote exchange programs among the groups to share, learn best practices, role models and the best pilot concepts for better production.

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katito, 40118
Mission Statement: 

We exist to promote Health seeking behaviour, integrity, glory of productive work and Economically productive life among the Youth in Kenya through demonstrated good, mentorship and strategic networking

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Tinada youth group believe on Jesus Christ as the saviour. we ensure that young people are mentored on Gods needs.

NDO / YD / 4595
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