TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless

Organization Description: 

The TN Valley Coalition for the Homeless (TVCH) excels in planning, education, data, community engagement, and positive social change. We are catalysts for fostering growth and better outcomes. In 2008, TVCH was incorporated, and covered a 12 county HUD designated Continuum of Care (CoC) territory. As TVCH grew, the CoC grew. Federal, State, and local funds were and are awarded, homeless households are no longer homeless, and providers are building their capacity!

Since incorporation, our organizations capacity has grown to provide client level services to a 21 county coverage territory, which includes our CoCs designated area. We are encouraged to see the growth and systematic change taking place in our rural communities. We FACE the future together by bridging the gaps in our communities.

531 Callahan Drive
Knoxville, TN 37912
Mission Statement: 

We FACE today by addressing the root causes of homelessness through our actions, which include:

FOSTER growth through effective case management and resource development, while improving the quality of life for participants.

ADVOCATE for increased funding to build capacity for providers, while empowering the at-risk homeless population.

COLLABORATE with communities to identify gaps in services by analyzing statistical data and building upon the strengths of the community to address unmet needs.

EDUCATE communities on regulations, innovative programs, and community development to empower growth and foster change for a better tomorrow.

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