Tope Africa

Organization Description: 

Do you have a passion or specific skill that could help with a medical clinic in Africa? Our desire is to share love with those in need in the Kenyan Republic. We do that with short-term teams that provide medical, surgical, dental, construction and training service (and youth teams) to the Kenyan clinics, schools and institutions we work with.

Our carefully structured medical projects allow volunteers to make a significant impact on reducing local health care issues. Medical volunteering is an excellent learning opportunity as you are exposed to third world heath environments. In addition your involvement will mean drastic improvements to the health and well being of many through varied avenues such as nursing, midwifery, AIDS education, laboratory support and much more. We also facilitate medical electives and semester placements.

Scheelevägen, 19a 260 – 35, Ödåkra, Sweden.
Ödåkra,, 26036
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission is to disseminate timely and useful information, to perform charitable services, and to conduct research to enhance productivity and quality of life for the poor communities in Kenya.

Education is the key in reducing poverty in the society. Literacy levels in Kenya are still very low, despite the introduction of free primary and secondary education. Access to quality and relevant education, retention and transition remain a big challenge owing to poverty, nomadic lifestyles, insecurity owing to conflicts and poor infrastructure. Poor access to learning materials and limited number of teachers also contributes to another challenge in providing good quality education.

We are dedicated to improving the tomorrows of East African communities through education of todayÂ’s children.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Our core values include;

1. Teamwork, partnership building and collaboration with others.
2. Accountability and transparency.
3. Efficiency and effectiveness through professionalism and excellence.
4. Creativity and innovation.
5. Sensitivity and responsiveness.

Kenya is endowed with some of the world’s richest natural resources and ecosystems. Globally, it is recognized as one of the few mega diverse countries. The country has complex environment providing habitats to thousands of unique plants and animal species. However, this heritage is threatened by increasing demands of a fast growing population and development.

Our Objectives inlcude:

1. To contribute towards conservation and protection of the environment and sustainable utilization of natural resources;
2. To mobilize communities and stakeholders to understand and respond to climate change and right of water;
3. To promote ecologically sustainable methods of utilization of natural resources;
4. To promote pro-active response to disasters;
5. To contribute to reduction of the degradation of the regenerating capacity of the renewable natural resources.

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