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Organization Description: 

Volunteering is a extraordinary journey ! You work in a local organization in one of our projects and discover the country in your spare time, courses etc. Normally there is plenty of time for sightseeing and living with a host family give you an unique cultural experience. Travel as volunteer and do something different than what you do on vacation! What ever you would like to do, your skills are highly appreciated and needed. Helping children to get a better future by teaching, helping out with conservation in one of the national parks in Kenya, medical projects? is not only a great way to experience a culture, language and getting friends for life- You offer also YOUR personality , experiences and skills. We are about this and we have enough faith that we can make a difference and we would like to make this difference with you.

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P.o.Box 260 – 35, Odakka, Sweden
Odakka, Sweden, 00467
Mission Statement: 

Reaching your Pr - eminence with us. Achieving life long dreams to the art of giving and giving for a worthy cause.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Throughout Kenya, nonprofits organizations promote the ideals that attract so many and include protecting the environment to developing our future community leaders and entrepreneurs, to supporting the early care and education of our children, to protecting our most vulnerable citizens, nonprofits are key to our present and our future, but if no assistance goes towards them then chances are high that the level of poverty will increase, crime and other social atrocities will
become eminent due to the communities depleting the resources already present.

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