Tree of Life Christian Children’s center and Orphanage

Organization Description: 

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Two founders, Roger and Phongsri Walker with a vision for bringing Christ to this remote area of the world. We do receive some limited financial help from several churches, primarily Shale Harbor Church of Illinois and Family Life Church of Sulphur Springs Texas, as well as from a small fellowship in Grimsby England (Rainbow Ministries), Kennedy Covenant Church of Kennedy Minnesota , from Belton United Baptist Church of Belton, Nova Scotia Canada and from Calvary Temple Church in Yuma Arizona, as well as from a smattering of donations from individuals and friends in the USA, England, Canada and Australia, from our former volunteers who organize activities, fund-raisers and prepare care-packages, materials, clothes and shoes, toys etc for distribution within the community as well as for the children who reside at the center, for the children in approximately 1,1000 rural schools. We continue to receive a constant flow of volunteers, individuals, married couples, friends, YWAM intership volunteers, TeenMania kids, older adults and couples ,church youth groups, and individuals who have heard about us from others who have been out here or from reading our website and who wish to make a difference in the lives of the children here and within the surrounding communities. We recommend that volunteers limit ther stay to 2 months or less to allow for travel opportunities. We also recommend another group of orphanages within the region who are also in need of assistance. We help place volunteers in teaching positions in the schools (teaching English to primary and secondary school children, also in the field of arts and crafts, and sports coaching to rural kids, allowing them the opportunity to benefit by interacting with Christian foreign teachers and mentors. For further details check our website

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166/23 Thanon Na Watpa
Buriram, 31000
Mission Statement: 

Tree of Life Christian Children's Center and Orphanage (TOLO) is a small Christ-centered orphanage which was established in January 1998 and which is located in the lower northeastern region of Thailand (Isaan) in the second poorest province of Thailand. The purpose of the organization is to provide Christian outreach and evangelism, help, compassion, education and love to many abandoned, orphaned or indiigent children located throughout this region of the country which straddles the Thai-Cambodian border region. We currently have 15 children in residence (between the ages of 4 and 22)but provide services and financial support and scholarships tfor 25 others who are located within the community so they may remain in school and take care fof elderly grandparents. We also provide free new and used children's books in English to school libraries and are campaigning to gather 55,000 such books for the nearly 1,100 schools (50 books per library) in the region.We do numerous school visitations, English camps, concerts and bible distributions at the various chools in this and neighbring provincial schools. We are planning to build a new building to house fifteen additional children and have additional housing/facilities for volunteers/groups accommodations and support as well. See our site for details.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We sincerely belief we can reach the nation of Thailand for Christ by serving its least of the brethren, the abandoned,, poor, neglected, helpless and homeless children of this rural poor region of Thailand. Providing help and hope for whom we beelieve will emerge the future leaders of this country and the movement for Christ, those who can change this nation for the better. We also provide thousands of tracts and hundreds of thousands of copies of the new testament to school children -- in fact, so far we have distributed or placed over 240,000 copies in Thai and or Thai/English since 1998 through visits to nearly 500 schools We set up and operate Englsh camps for schools, train teachers to teach English, and conduct other outreaches as well, having had more than 180 volunteers participating in such activities.

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