Organization Description: 

True North Ministry serves over 2,200 youth yearly with vast diversities of backgrounds in race, education, economics, and family structures. These youth have made poor choices with life-altering consequences, often finding themselves in the County Juvenile Court System and State Juvenile Correctional Facilities. Statistics show that by reaching out to these youth now, we are greatly reducing the likelihood of having them end up in the adult correctional system later.

We recognize that while many of these youths have made poor choices often times in response to difficult and life challenging circumstances, it is through the love of Christ that our ministry seeks serve and reach out to them through providing faith based initiatives and programs that are designed to offer a holistic approach to helping the youth not only physically or emotionally but more importantly to nurture, encourage and grow their spiritual foundation.

Through True North Ministry, faith-based programs in anger management, conflict resolution, abstinence from alcohol and drugs, family dynamics, and discussion groups are made available. We believe in reaching the need of youth through relationships (with and among our youth, families, communities, churches and other partners). Our volunteers and mentors are able to help young people improve their interpersonal and problem-solving skills. True North is able to serve in this arena of youth ministry through our obedience and relationship with God, continual prayer, and the enriched partnership we share with nearly 220 volunteers and mentors in addition to collaborating partners representing over 26 churches and affiliated ministries.

The Mentoring Program is specially designed with a juvenile's maturity and character development in mind. Mentors build close bonds with youth to assist them in reestablishing their lives. Mentoring offers our volunteers the opportunity to be the human manifestation of "God with us."

True North also reaches out to the youth with special events throughout the year. These programs are geared toward introducing them to our ministry, building relationships, and transforming their hearts through the power of Jesus Christ so they have the opportunity to become responsible adults.

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3465 S. Arlington Road E-174
Akron, OH 44312
Mission Statement: 

True North Ministry is a volunteer-based, Christ-centered organization that provides support and guidance to youth in need through collaboration with public and private organizations.

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