Organization Description: 

1. Many People turns away from God, they are openly worshiping Satan. Others are calling themselves Christians, but are involved in superstitions by killing their parents and Albinos, fortune telling, astrology, mind science and other things of Satan. This implies that more evangelical intervention is needed to change the life and build better attitudes in the community.
2. Willingness of our member to become a winning team! The evangelists in our churches do not enjoying spiritual victory because of being selfish. Most of them are carnal and self-centered. TAA-TZ wanted to exercise our spiritually gifts and throw ourselves wholeheartedly into gospel motive!

P.O BOX 2375
dar er sal;am, TN 255
Mission Statement: 

A Sense of MISSION the idea comes from Luke 10:1-2. The Lord appointed seventy and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go. And in Mathew 28:19 He told us to go?. And that is what we have being doing.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Saving lives is about commitment and compassion. As citizen of this world, it is our solemn responsibility to join forces in this war. Much is supposed to be done in tracing and finding our brethren who are lost without Christ, where every initiative like this should be looked at positive manner than negative. The TAA-TZ evangelical team will provide for all of us an opportunity to reflect on our approaches to bring people to Christ the savior!

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