Twiga Children's Centre Home

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Twiga Children's Home (formerly Mercy Gate Champion Children's Home) part of the KCIS Child Support Centre and is a non-profit organization (seeking NGO status) based in Kisii, Kenya, that is run by a team of volunteers. The centre has been established to give support and aid to children with problems, with shelter, food, clothes, education and conselling.

We are financed purely by donations and the amount of work we can do is proportional to the amount of money we receive - but we never turn a needy child away.

The centre was founded by Abigail and Vincent. They inherited a plot of land and rather than do what most Kenyans do - build their home on it - they decided to dedicate it to the orphans of Kisii.

So, they founded the home. They have the children, but as yet, no home.

But this is just the beginning of the story.

Now, we need two dormitories, a dining/cooking block, washing block and a leisure/study block.

We also intend to have a vegetable plot so that the children can grow their own food. We already have banana and avocado trees and a small pineapple plot.

P.o. Box 4047
Kisii, 40200
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