Tyndale House Foundation

Primary Contact: 
Mary Kleine Yehling, Executive Director
351 Executive Dr.
Carol Stream, IL 60188-2420
Type of Funder: 
Areas of Interest: 
Areas of Interest Description: 

The Tyndale House Foundation Areas of Interest Description:

Because resources are limited, and we receive many more requests than we can fund, the Foundation has defined very specifically the areas of endeavor in which it is interested.

Christian Literature: The Foundation seeks to encourage the production and distribution of Bibles, teaching materials, magazines and other Christian literature. It seeks also to support programs which are initiated by, or provide training and experience for, foreign nationals. In today’s digital environment, we also consider various other media in this category

Other Evangelical Work: The Foundation seeks to support programs which challenge others to take an active and ongoing role in supporting the proposed project. It seeks to support training and leadership development. The Foundation rarely contributes to building projects, libraries, individual scholarships, or personnel support.

Local Ministry Programs: Because the Foundation is located in the Greater Chicago area, it has a commitment to help support local programs by making a limited number of grants in this area.

Geographic Focus: 
Total Annual Giving: 

Between $3.5 and $4.5 Million

Average Grant Range: 


Average Number of Requests & Grants Per Year: 

Requests: 500-600 Grants: 150-200

Application Procedures: 

Application Procedures:

The initial application must be submitted on line by DECEMBER 1st. The Foundation staff will then work with you to assure that the information is complete. Applications received after December 1st will be processed in the next year’s funding cycle. Applications will be submitted on line beginning October 15, 2011. A link will be provided on the Foundation official site www.TyndaleHouseFdn.org to take you to the on line application.  Please DO NOT send paper applications in the meantime. Instead, gather your information so you will be ready to apply on line in October. Because this is the first year of online applications, there will be some flexibility in the process. 

The official Foundation website includes a link to the online application process. The only way to apply is through the online application.

Decisions and Payments: 

Decisions on grants are made by the Tyndale House Foundation Board in the spring following the December application. If a grant is awarded, the Foundation will outline specific follow-up requirements, which applicants must be willing to fulfill. Notification of decisions will be made within one month from the date of the grant making meeting. Payment is usually sent by late June, mid July.

Funding Limitations Description: 

The Tyndale House Foundation rarely contributes to building projects, libraries, individual scholarships, or personnel support.

Selected Grants: 

$20,000 to Christian Leaders for Africa, $15,000 to the Christian Literature Campaign, $5,000 to Good News Partners, $15,000 to Overseas Tribal Services

City/Metropolitan Area: 
Annual Giving: