Ukrainian Humanitarian Initiative

Organization Description: 

Taking a grass-roots approach, UHI hand-delivers supplies to orphanages in most parts of Ukraine. We deliver to orphanages specified by the donor or, in the case of a general donation, to needy orphanages. UHI also provides material assistance to rehabilitation centers and clinics, and supports established training, education, adoption and exchange programs. Donations are accepted from individuals, corporations, and private foundations in the form of humanitarian supplies or funds. UHI ensures that donations arrive into the hands of the orphanages. We are also looking for volunteers. Spend your time with orphan kids and explore our beautiful country. As a volunteer on this project there are going to be loads of different activities you can get involved with.

pr.peremogy 58
kiev, 03047
Mission Statement: 

The Ukrainian Humanitarian Initiative (UHI) is a voluntary, not-for-profit charitable foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for children living in orphanages and provide humanitarian aid and support for the needy children in Ukraine, the third largest country in Eastern Europe. The purpose and mission of UHI centers on providing immediate aid to those most vulnerable in Ukraine, which is a country in the midst of social upheaval and economic change as it proceeds on a sometimes difficult path towards democracy. As in most times of political and national upheaval, the children suffer the most. Also our mission is to fund professionally guided programs dealing with health, education and the prevention of abuse of children. The use of the funds donated by UHI is always earmarked for specific programs and closely monitored.

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