Organization Description: 

Umunara, Inc started in 2007 to help Rwandan, Burundians and Congolese people to worship in the language they understand. We meet on conference call every Friday and Once a year have a face to face conference. Our long term goal is to build churches, hospitals, schools , orphanage to help poor people.

P.O.Box 505194
Chelsea, MA 02150
Mission Statement: 

We are in the business of making disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations and to encourage them to obey His commandments.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that the Bible, as it is inspired by God, is the only instrument that helps us to know the will of God and to know where to get our salvation: on the Cross Jesus Christ paid the price on our behalf, imparted on us His righteousness and our responsibility is to impart on him our sins and to receive Him as our personal Savior.

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