Organization Description: 

United Christians is a Non governmental and inter-Denominational Christian Organisation which was started in Tema-Ghana (West Africa) a little over 8 years ago but was inaugurated on 16th September 2007 after it was registered as a company Limited by guarantee on the 12th July 2007. The organization has three wings which are United Christian Club, United Christian Consult, and United Christian Chapel.Visit the homepage for more information about each of the wings

Objectives:The objective of the organization shall be as follows
i.To make members good neighbors, concerned for the community and the environment in which
they live.

ii.To encourage people to embrace first-class morals and ethical values.

iii.To excel in anticipating and quickly responding to social misconception.

iv.To provide a platform for people especially the youth to share their problems and provide
alternative solutions.

v.To give the youth rope of hope for the future through leadership, business training and
consultancy services.

vi.To reach out to the lost souls, disciple them to be mature believers in Christ Jesus.

viii.To bring together born-again young professionals from different inter-denominations to fight the cause of Jesus Christ.

ix.To counsel, preach, teach and communicate basic biblical values, dynamics and balanced Godly truth, ethics and success oriented principles.

xi.To train leaders for effective Christian Organizational administration and for nations at large.

00233 249161117
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P. O. Box Co2832 Tema.
Tema, 00233
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