Organization Description: 

We are currently a start-up Charitable organisation, looking to further the Kingdom of God. We are looking to partner with other leading Christian Ministries and Churches within the United Kingdom and Internationally - we are persuing lines of enquiries with multiple Christian organisations, however, we are currently un-affiliated.
We wish to participate in united church outreach - where churches return to a previous role of Community Support through Food Banks, Aid Work, Hospital Running, Homeless Shelters, Child Care, Schools, Universities, Colleges, and Soup Kitchens, as well as international aid work.

More About Us
The United Houses of Prayer, believes in outreach, missional ecumenical and the Kingdom of God and Heaven as key messages from Jesus Christ, and is a Christian organisation that works towards this goal.
It\'s micro organisation/mission is called 4UHOP and creates "4UHOP groups" - which meet weekly or bi-weekly and focusing on praying into the vision and goals of UHOP International 4UHOP also create micro "4UHOP Rooms" which serve as 24-7 Prayer and Worship rooms, in a less threatening manner, and provide the basic support premiss.
The ultimate vision is to unite churches into creating their own Missions Campuses - one or more for each county across the UK and latter the world, with a focus not only on 24-7 Prayer, The Nazarite Call, Biblical Teaching and the Forerunner Message, but also on outreaching to local communities in a multi-thonged approach, with retraining facilities, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, child-care facilities, clothing and food parcels, equipement, financial help and many different Christian resources all financed by Churches in Unity and donations from the public to create a one-stop centre for revival, unity and peace, which then guides the new sheep into pastures best suited to them... without prejudice...
"It Takes A City Wide Church To Win A City Wide War... It Takes An Internationally United Church To Win An International War For The Lost To Be Found".

19 Harewood Terrace
Haverhill, CB98JL
Mission Statement: 

Mission Statement - To Further The Kingdom Of God.

More Info:
God charges us to commit to 24/7 Day and Night Prayer Worship and Devotion to the word - not as a one off or abnormal process, but as part of 2010's English Breakthrough - as part of intercession for the United Kingdom, and the coming Revival like we have never seen. Please see www.uk-uhop.org for more information about our goals.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that Jesus is the Son of The Living God
That Jesus Died for the Redemption of Our Sins
In Dying for us He made a way through to The Father for us so that we can have a personal relationship with the King of Kings - and everlasting life after death with the Lord of Lords in heaven.
We Believe that God works in Miracles today, and still heals and engages with us all through Prayer and Worship.
We Believe the Bible to be The Word of God and We Believe In The Trinity - of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit (also known as The Holy Ghost)

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