the Uprising

Organization Description: 

The Uprising is a missional / incarnational church that is creatively influencing the broader culture of our city with the grace, love, and power of Christ.

PO Box 700321
Tulsa, OK 74170
Mission Statement: 

Glorify God. Serve People.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The Uprising adheres to the Scottish Confession of Faith as our Statement of Faith. Also commonly referred to as "The Scots Confession", its 25 "chapters" were written over a period of 4 days in 1560 by John Knox and five other men named John. And although John Knox was considered the primary author, all the other men felt as though they were being guided of the Lord since it took them only 4 days to write, and there were no arguments.

Go to this link to read the Scots Confession:

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