Upwardly Global

Organization Description: 

Even with U.S unemployment at high levels, we consistently hear of employers having difficulty connecting with the talent they need and cyclically having unfilled positions within health care, engineering, and other growth sectors. At the same time our job seekers with matching backgrounds are unemployed or working in unskilled positions. Upwardly Global acts as a bridge and connects these populations whose success is interdependent.

Our Job Seeker Services Program prepares educated and skilled immigrants, refugees, and asylees to overcome the numerous barriers to professional employment. Our job search preparedness and training offers 6 months of support.

Our Employer Network Program partners with employers to raise awareness of the skilled immigrant population and increase the employers’ capacity to integrate this population into the mainstream workforce.

Our Influence and Impact Program aims to promote change of inefficient labor markets and practices that result in employment barriers for skilled immigrants. We develop best practices and resources to educate decision-makers about this population and build awareness that leads to the adoption of more effective and inclusive practices and policies. This work draws on the expertise we gain working directly with skilled immigrants and U.S. employers.

582 Market Street, Suite 1207
San Francisco, CA 94104
Mission Statement: 

Immigrants want to rebuild their careers. Employers are looking for experienced global talent. Upwardly Global exists to bring them together.

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