Urban Impact

Organization Description: 

Jesus did many things as He walked this earth. He spent some time with the religious leaders of the day, but the majority of his life was spent on the streets as he taught, touched and healed the masses. His heart, full of compassion, was poured out to the orphans, widows, physically and mentally disabled all those who were in desperate need of healing and hope. His invitation then and now can be summed up in two simple words, Follow Me!

Somewhere along the way, Jesus called to our heart and asked us to follow Him to the streets of the inner city and to begin to pour out His love specifically on the young men we find there. In 2004, the vision became a reality and birthed Urban Impact. As we entrust the ministry into the Lords hands He continues to expand the vision and increase our mission field allowing us to reach and impact more young hearts, minds, and lives

10 Chapel Drive
Zarephath, NJ 08890
Mission Statement: 

Urban Impact is a Christ centered organization that reaches out to young men and women of the inner cities. Our Goal is to bring impact in the areas of academic and athletic development, mentoring, and spiritual nurture. We seek to see their hearts, minds, and lives renewed, equipped, and transformed through a personal relationship with God as they come to know of and grow in the love of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to see that, as they mature into adulthood, they grow into responsible leaders within their communities who lead lives of significance.

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