Urban K-Life of St. Louis

Organization Description: 

Overall Ministry Structure

Our ministry goal is to have one full-time staff person in every city high school in St. Louis (10 schools) within the next 5 years (2010), building relationships with students daily and earning the right to eventually share the gospel with them. We currently have 5 full time staff in this capacity (Beaumont, Sumner, Career Academy, Roosevelt and Vashon high schools). Their connection point in the school will be as a school volunteer to aid and assist the school in various roles (coaching sports, academic assistance programs, lunch room duty, bus duty, locker-room duty, sub-teaching, hallway monitor, etc.). Our goal is not to ?evangelize? at school, but simply to be visible and involved, and to build "life on life" relationships with all those at the school daily, gaining us long-term credibility and trust.

> Out of these relationships, we plan to raise-up ?student officers? who will take the lead on the ministry in the school. Through these "student officers" (our core group), we plan to engage the student body with personal relationships, inviting them to our ministry outings and the promotion of our outreaches and small groups that occur outside of school hours.

> Our ?corporate outreach? ministry is our ?exposure level?, or ?Klubs?. These are large group events that include food, fun, and fellowship in a Christian context that is culturally relevant to unchurched urban youth. This will include ?gathering times? (food and fun), as well as ?structured times? of worship, skits, testimonies, and a relevant gospel message. Direct follow up will occur so we can be present to minister to any student who needs it.

> Our ?second level? of ministry is our ?knowledge level?. This is our ?small group bible studies?. Our goal here is to get every student who wants to grow placed into small group relationships with members of local churches who are equipped and desire to disciple them.

> Within that context, our ?third level? of ministry exists, which is simply our ?influence level?. This is just walking with a kid ?one on one?, impacting their life for eternity by simply inviting them from small group into your weekly world, and walking with them through theirs.

> Lastly we have a ?Holistic Ministry? philosophy. This incorporates staff housing in the community, church partnerships for long-term spiritual growth, and practical community relationships for the lifetime growth of all who desire it. Through these efforts, we truly believe we can ?break cycles? that have negatively influenced our urban youth for decades, and positively impact the entire youth community of St. Louis for generations to come.

(314) 607-6282
2900 North Prairie Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63107
Mission Statement: 

The ministry of Urban K-Life of St. Louis exists to influence the urban youth culture of St. Louis through the context of lasting relationships and the content of God's word, resulting in transformed lives. Our ministry employs a strategy that results in junior and senior high kids who are actively involved in small groups, where relationships can be fostered and truth can be taught.

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