Victory Inner-city Ministries, Inc.

Organization Description: 

VICM is an organization focused on the urban poor. Making a difference by planting the church, community development, and incarnational evangelism.

There are several different parts to the work that we do. Our ministry includes:

Victory Chapel - a diverse, multicultural, urban congregation focused on reaching out to the urban poor in East-central Indianapolis

Iglesia Evangelica de Santidad - our Hispanic sister congregation

Victory Village Shoppe - a micro enterprise incubator focused on community developmetn

Victory Acres - a 114 acre educational, working farm located in Upland, IN

Victory Community Development Corporation - the community development outreach of Victory Chapel

The VICM Urban Ministry Institute - training for urban ministry and outreach offered in conjunction with several Bible Colleges

(317) 506-3373
Organizational Email:
(317) 375-0869
2327 E. 10th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Mission Statement: 

Making Christ Visible by planting the church among the urban poor in the inner cities of the major U.S. cities.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

1. We believe that the Bible is the Word of God. We believe that the human authors were so inspired by the Holy Spirit that the Scriptures are completely free from error in all that they affirm, as originally written. We regard the Bible as the final authority for beliefs and conduct.

2. We believe in one eternal, holy, omnipotent God who exists in a Trinity of persons called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

3. We believe that Jesus Christ in His incarnation is both fully human and fully divine, possessing all divine attributes with the Father and the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus died on the cross in order to make forgiveness available for every person. He rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, where He now intercedes for those who come to God by Him. He will return for believers and establish His complete, eternal kingdom.

4. We believe that all have sinned and therefore deserve eternal punishment. Salvation is available on the merit of Christ’s life and death for us. This salvation is for those who individually repent of their sins and receive God’s grace by faith. We believe that the soul of every man will spend eternity either in heaven or hell, depending on whether or not he accepts God’s grace.

5. We believe that the believer in a saving relationship with God walks in obedience, accomplished by dependence upon God’s enabling grace. The believer consciously conforms his attitudes and behavior to what he understands to be God’s will.

6. We believe that God’s commands and promises indicate that He expects to cleanse the believer’s heart of inherited depravity at a point following conversion. This cleansing is accomplished by God in response to the believer’s willingness and faith, and results in a life motivated by complete love for God, and not necessarily in any particular spiritual gift or outward phenomena. This cleansing does not imply that the maturation of the Christian is complete; rather, every Christian quality is still to be increased.

7. We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to earnestly pray and work for the salvation of the lost.

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