Violent Faith Ministries International Inc.

Organization Description: 

Though teaching, mentoring/coaching, and demonstration, Violent Faith Ministries International (VFM) is dedicated to fostering the manifestation of "sons (children) of God" who manifest God's authentic Presence in every environment. This manifestation begins with their own personal lives by way of an intimate relationship with Father God, His Christ, and His Holy Spirit. Most of those we work with have experienced homosexuality and/or same-sex attraction, relational brokenness, and/or abuse. Leaders are also taught/coached in how to minister to broken people, focusing on the necessity and effectiveness of personal testimony. Many people around the world have been encouraged by VFM's workshops, audio messages, and writings (see website) as they serve as an effective guide in practically applying the Word of God to the issues of life, especially those which are typically avoided or neglected.

2774 N Cobb Parkway NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152
Mission Statement: 

Violent Faith Ministries is a global, apostolic ministry commissioned to heal broken hearts, awaken and engage Original Identity as defined in the Holy Bible, and teach Christians how to live life victoriously.

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