Organization Description: 

Viva is a global community of childcare practitioners and supporters committed to working together to give children all they need to thrive. Established in 1996, Viva has pioneered effective collaborative work amongst Christian projects and organizations serving children at risk.

Today, Viva's local networks are helping 1.2 million children. At a local and national level, there are 85 network initiatives in 40 countries, representing over 7000 childcare projects. At the international level, 85 Christian NGOs and mission agencies are associate members.

Working together, we can revolutionize the quality and quantity of care available to the world's most vulnerable children. Together, we can influence goverments and change policies that work against children. Together, our solutions are better and our responses faster. Simply put, when we work together, more children recieve better help.

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3418 W. Lyndale St.
Chicago, IL 60457
Mission Statement: 

Viva is an international organization that aims to network, support, and train Christian agencies and churches working with children at risk around the world. We are a global movement of Christians with 85 local network initiatives in 40 countries, helping 1.2 million children.

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