VNA Healthcare

Organization Description: 

VNA HealthCare was established in 1901 and over 100 years later we are still providing quality of life care to those who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness and their families.

We value life and believe that dying is a natural process. Services are most often provided in the home with symptom management being a priority.

We believe that through comprehensive, accesible, and compassionate home and community care, VNA HealthCare will enrich the lives of those we serve. We believe that a staff committed to respect, teamwork, and communication will utimately improve health, maintain the personal dignity of others, and empower cliens and their families to achieve thier individual goals and potential. In dedication to these beliefs, we seek to fulfill our mission.

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103 Woodland St.
Hartford, CT 06105
Mission Statement: 

At VNA Health Care we understand how terminal illness affects lives and we believe that whenever possible, care can and should be provided in the home where patients can be surrounded by loved ones. Along with symptom managment, we provide emotional and spiritual support so that the patient can live in comfort and maintain control over the events of his/her life.

VNA Health Care Hospice and Palliative care focuses on quality of life and providing compassionate care to patients and families as they journey through this unfamiliar territory.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We serve the whole community; those who fellowship with a religious faith group and those that do not.

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