Voice in the Wilderness

Organization Description: 

We have two congregations and do lots of evangelism .

We lead Evangelistic tours to the Old City of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas and also to the Judean Desert and Negev and Petra in Jordan .

We can have between 5 and 30 people to our tours each week and sometimes up to 50 people . Our tours are bible based and explain clearly the Gospel. At the end of the tours we distribute Bibles and other literature. We do not charge for these tours they are all free.

People often ask how we get people to come to our tours. We spend much time sticking up invitations all around Jerusalem. We know all the notice boards and use these freely especially where we know the Russians will stop to read. As soon as our leaflets go up, Orthodox Jews begin their work: they tear down our bulletins the minute they recognize the New Covenant message behind them. If they cannot scrape them off, they will spray over them with black paint.

We do evangelism by placing leaflets in letter boxes and give out books and Bibles as well as visit members of our congregations and souls who sincerely seek the way of Salvation.

PO Box 31699
Jerusalem, 91316
Mission Statement: 

We have one aim - to glorify God and present the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel and the Savior of the world. (both Jews and Gentiles).

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Please visit our website for our doctrinal statement:


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