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Organization Description: 

Through Alliance Nepal we offer a number of volunteer programs which include teaching at a local school, raising awareness on issues such as the environment, sanitation, health care and gender equality. We believe in providing volunteers with the opportunity to experience and learn about Nepali culture first hand through language classes and home stays.

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Mission Statement: 

Alliance Nepal is an initiative set up by an enthusiastic team of locals within the Pokhara area. The main objective of Alliance Nepal is to be a catalyst towards social change through enhancing educational opportunities, health care, environmental awareness and cultural exchange. Established in 2007 Alliance Nepal has the benefit of being run by a team of staff with years of previous experience running successful volunteer projects

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Volunteering with Alliance Nepal

Volunteering your time abroad to help others is a fantastic experience that will give you the opportunity to work and live side by side with local people. You will undoubtedly learn new skills through having to adjust to new situations and challenge yourself by volunteering in a developing country.

Why choose to volunteer with Alliance Nepal?

? 100% of your program fee is kept within Nepal with no money being spent on admin costs abroad; therefore your contribution is helping Nepalese people and the development of the Nepalese economy.

? We are a grassroots and ethical organization working towards community development and income generation through volunteer and cultural exchange programs.

? As a volunteer or as part of the cultural exchange program you will receive language classes to enhance your integration into the local community.

Where does your money go?

? 25% of your program fee goes directly towards community development.

? 25% of your program fee goes to the host family to cover the cost of your food and accommodation.

? 50% of your program fee is spent on airport pickup, one night accommodation in Katmandu, travel costs from Katmandu to Pokhara and back, language classes, sightseeing and travel expenses in Pokhara and towards admin costs.

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