Volunteer for Education

Organization Description: 

We are the community network connecting people who want to give hands of help in volunteering for education to improve the living standard of local people. We identify the needs and offer our placements for volunteers to join our network and contribute their time to support local communities.

292 Tay Son Street
Hanoi, 10000
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to promote sustainable livings by providing education support with the help of international volunteers. Our target groups are poor, disadvantaged and disabled people in local, ethnic communities in Vietnam. For our projects we select villagers and underprivileged people; we aim to educate and train them in a hospitable manner and with the support of international volunteers. By performing daily tasks, the local people will learn new approaches and enhance their skills. Besides that, the volunteers will have a chance to immerse themselves in the local community and interact with people in need for a better life.

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