Volunteer in with Jesus and me children's ministries kampala ,Uganda

Organization Description: 

Jesus And Me Children?s ministries [JMCM] is a local NGO carrying out activities in the fields of the welfare of children -For child?s holistic development. JMCM works to assist especially orphans and vulnerable children to achieve improved longer and more productive lives through interventions in six integrated sectors; Spiritual, Education, Economic and Practical skills development, Social-Physical aspects and HIV/AIDS.


?An integrated approach that builds human capacity with love and character and create good and conducive working relationship with harmony between sectors;
?Strengthening effective partnership between public sector, the private sector, civil society, families, primary schools and communities;
?Behaviour centered orientation that focuses on mutual respect, trust and constraint in taking specific actions;
?The promotion of education of young people;
?The furtherance of social development and church work;
?The improvement of standard of living of groups of people;
?Promotion of self reliance of people;
?System thinking using strategic planning and analysis.

* Go national by expanding JMCM activities into every major districts in Uganda to scale up good practices.
* Increasing involvement of families, primary schools and communities.
* Sponsoring and fostering children.
* Using responsible speed in implementation and monitoring.
* Fostering organization effectiveness.
* Measuring for results.

JMCM offers volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and teams
from schools, organizations, churches, and companies, to come to Uganda volunteer in orphanages and children
homes and youth projects in Uganda.

Volunteer placements can be short-term (2 weeks - 4 months) or long-term (5-12 months), but can even be
longer, depending on the volunteer?s time frame, and are organized throughout the year. Placements are in orphanages
in Kampala city, Tororo Town, eastern Uganda, and in Arua town, north western Uganda (West Nile region), and
projects include working in Orphanages and children?s homes, schools, local hospitals, and community

During this period, volunteers help with caring for the children at the orphanages, teaching ICT skills at JMCM
Computer Centers, teach at orphan schools, help with building projects, teach ICT skills at JMCMtraining
centres, organize out-of-school kids programs, hold community outreach medical clinics, and conduct counseling
sessions for HIV/AIDS women and children, organize youth sports programs and community outreaches.

P.O.BOX 6592
Mission Statement: 


Train up the child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn away from it.


Evangelise boys and girls one by one with the gospel of Christ, disciple them in the Word of God and help to release them from their spiritual, education, economic, health, social and physical poverty aspects and enable them to become responsible, fruitful, fulfilled Christian adults in the city and the nation.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 


?We believe that all people are created equally before God regardless of gender, race, nationality, social status, ethnic or religious background.
?The value of children. We believe that children are a heritage from God and a blessing from His hand. We are therefore accountable to Him for raising, shaping and preparing them to be God fearing and to live a life of service to God, the nation, humanity, through their gifts and talents.

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