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Volunteer in Kenya and open up the country in Community Work Development by disseminating information about the less-known areas in need and help take your volunteer services to the deserving needy People/children of Kenya.

Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project volunteers return from their work experience slightly dismayed at being unable to resolve the world's complex problems but find themselves fundamentally changed and fulfilled in intensely personal ways. Volunteers meet different people and make life time friendship. Volunteers come from all age groups, educational backgrounds, income levels, gender, and types of employment. It is quite correct to say that in this society almost everyone can be looked upon as a potential volunteer. In as much as volunteers support the community, they as well get challenged as they develop strong personal connections with the people in these communities. The small projects they carry out justify their presence, making them end up with a heightened awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses, hence a desire to cultivate their ability to effect change in the world. While volunteering in the rural communities in western Kenya, you must be prepared to meet the challenges being in a new place where you know nobody and nobody knows you, people with very different backgrounds and cultural beliefs. The local volunteers work closely together with each other to ensure that volunteers are placed in the right program of their fields of interest to provide an effective and meaningful experience. All you need is enthusiasm, patience and cultural sensitivity and you have to be prepared to rough it out. The programs are more flexible to fit in with the current needs of the host community. They are the ones who live there and in need of help, so they know their needs and how best to address them and your support is highly appreciated. Witnessing it will really show you what a big difference you can make in a relatively short period of time

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+254 20 2726011
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Increase the participation of beneficiaries in the planning and implementation of their initiatives in poverty alleviation and development activities such as economic infrastructure, health education, water supply and sanitation, agriculture and livestock production and environmental conservation.

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