Organization Description: 

Volunteer Aid Ghana (VAG) is non-governmental organization focused on the establishment and promotion of strategic ideas and resources that both on the short and long term should provide sustenance in building worthy sense of life and livelihood for the needy and marginalized in society.

It is based in Ghana and headquartered at TDC Plot A6, Community 14, Tema, Ghana.

By way of coordinating programs and supervising projects tailored to nurture hopes, dreams, intelligence and skills of all people all across the globe, we engage our volunteers and interns in amateur and professional work activities, interaction, education. We organise for our volunteers and interns tourism of all ten Regions of Ghana.

p.o.box 791 mamprobi, accra
Accra, +233
Mission Statement: 

Freedom is an ultimate duty and privilege accorded men who practice Divine Love. And the joy and peace attributed to life in fulfillment of oneÂ’s soul can be developed through positive inputs into lives others. Our mission is freedom for all individuals and/or groups confined to depression, fear, ignorance, oppression and deprivation.

We seek to prove why the divine goal of the existence of humanity calls for retribution to Soul through the functions of broad knowledge, truth, creativity, passionate work, unifying service, productive living, empowerment and perseverance of one another.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Thou shall walk by faith and not by might

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