Volunteers Heart For Africa

Organization Description: 

The organization was founded in 2009. VHFA was primarily an orphanage that provided shelter, food and clothing for children who had lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. As time progressed and we expanded, the VHFA began taking care of other children suffering from poverty in our surrounding community. We decided not to limit ourselves to the children in the Children?s support center but to provide support to children living with elderly relatives or sick parents. In 2012 we began seeing the opportunity to expand even further and provide these children with a better standard of living. We had previously relied on individual donations and volunteers fee, but saw an opportunity in distance adoption or child sponsorship. And we have now in 2012 started another exciting new program "Adult Education"

Our goal is primarily to provide food, shelter, clothing, education and medical attention to those children under the organizations care. We wish to create a better standard of living for these children and provide them with the support they are lacking. Furthermore our goal is to create a network in the communities that the organization is present, a network that does not only provide support to the children but also helps their relatives through: counseling and teaching and empower the women of Uganda by offering valuable FREE English, business, and vocational skills training

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Mission Statement: 

Volunteers Heart For Africa (VHFA) is a non-governmental organization committed to fighting hunger, lack of education and medical care among children in desperate need and fighting illiteracy in adult women and men. VHFA is directed towards orphans, children suffering from poverty and infected by HIV/AIDS and provides them with shelter and a decent standard of living. In doing so, we also aim to raise conscious in society by teaching individuals basic skills that will help the surrounding communities to develop.

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