Von Hanshaw Apologetics Ministry

Organization Description: 

Apologetics Ministry.

P O Box 1624
Georgetown, KY 40324
Mission Statement: 

Our Purpose

To bring people to Christ and mature them in the faith.

Our Program

To publish and broadcast biblical truth maintaining a balance of compassion and conviction.

Our Promise

To serve with absolute financial and moral integrity and open accountability.

To This End

We want to minister to hurting people, such as those who are struggling to hold their marriage and family together, people suffering from financial bondage or substance abuse, and those who are facing the attack of demonic oppression.

We offer a prayer ministry through correspondence to people who are searching for answers to spiritual needs.

We also want to reach those who are new and growing Christians with encouragement and admonition for spiritual development.

We desire to be a vessel from which the rivers of living water flow to touch lives and meet the needs of people across America and around the world.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

It is the goal of Von Hanshaw Ministry to work with Bible-Believing Christians across many denominational lines, without compromising the fundamentals of the faith.

Listed below is a brief statement of faith which sets forth the basic Bible doctrines we teach and preach:

The plenary and verbal inspiration of the Bible and its inerrancy as God?s Holy Word.
The Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit: three persons in one essence in the unity of the Godhead.
The creation of man by the direct act of God and man?s subsequent fall as revealed in the Genesis account.
The Deity, Incarnation, Virgin Birth and sinless humanity of Jesus Christ our Lord; His substitutionary death on the cross as the atonement for all of man?s sin; His bodily resurrection from the tomb; His ascension into Heaven to sit at the Father?s right hand; the imminent personal and visible return of Christ in power and great glory.
The power of Christ to save men eternally from the penalty of sin through faith in His shed blood, and the gift of eternal life by the grace of God.
The new birth of all who believe on Him through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. Once a person is truly born again, they are eternally sealed, secure and saved so long as they choose to remain in the faith and do not fall away from the faith.
The Progressive Sanctification of the believer by the Holy Spirit through the Word. We believe that if believers choose to live a life of carnality, then they will lose rewards in heaven.
The final judgment of the wicked and Satan?s doom with the wicked in the lake of fire.
The eternal happiness of the righteous in the presence of the Lord and the ushering in of eternal righteousness in the new Heaven and the new earth.
The Free Will of Man. Man has been given the freedom of choice which makes him responsible for his actions.

However, we are not ecumenical. We do not participate in the Ecumenical Council of Churches. We are opposed to all Hyper-Calvin, 5 Point Calvin, Hyper-Arminianism, Word of Faith, Prosperity, Hyper-Faith Churches, Organizations, Ministries, and Movements.


1. In Church Membership. It is unbiblical to join a church because our names are written in the Lamb?s Book of Life.

2. In Tithing. It is unbiblical for Christians to tithe to a church. According to 2 Cor. 9, God loves a cheerful giver and the principle of Tithing is an Old Testament practice for the Jewish people and it is not a New Testament practice whatsoever.

3.That one needs to be Baptized to go to Heaven.

4. That one needs to speak in tongues to go to Heaven.

5. That it is biblical to have more than one Church service per week (Acts 20:7) on the Sabbath day. Thus, it is unbiblical for Pastors to condemn Christians for not attending church during every worship service during the week. There is nothing wrong with having multiple church services per week, but it is wrong to condemn people for not attending all the services.

6. In the doctrine of Sinless Perfectionism, Entire Sanctification or the Second Work of Grace.

7. In the doctrine of Hyper-Predestinationism. We do not believe that some people are predestined for Heaven while others are predestined for Hell.

8. In Denominationalism. We believe that Denominations are unscriptural for two primary reasons: {1} no where in Scriptures is there a Mandate or even a suggestion towards Denominations within the Body of Christ. On the contrary, we are commanded to be in Unity (Eph. 4). And {2} church history reveals that denominations were birthed out of strife, discord and confusion over doctrine which has led to separation and division within the Body of Christ.

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