The Voyage Institue

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The Voyage Institute, formerly The BioVoyage Institute, is a 501-C-3 Organization We have developed a curriculum--Taught by our own teachers ? highly qualified members of the scientific community -Using the textbooks we have written and developed -That has been proven to give children and adults the foundation for a future career in the bioscience and biotechnology industries. Our particular focus is on providing this opportunity to under-represented individuals in our community, regardless of race, color, age, sex, and creed, and across all socio-economic levels. -Our K-12 curriculum prepares students for further education in the bioscience and biotechnology fields. -Our college curriculum builds on that foundation to strengthen the students? knowledge of the bioscience industry and help them choose a direction within the industry in which to further their education. -Our adult courses focus on basic and vocational training to position them for employment in this exciting, growing field. We also provide seminars on request to businesses and educational institutions, community organizations and the like on what the bioscience and biotechnology fields are comprised of, and how communities can benefit from aligning themselves with the exciting opportunities these fields provide. We have offered summer camps to children, and hope to offer them next year in our area, as we build our partnerships with local organizations and businesses. It is our hope to become one of the main sources of a highly educated and trained workforce available to the growing biotech corridor in Central Florida, with plans to expand our partnerships statewide, and eventually, to reach out to students worldwide via online classes and science gaming activities on the world wide web. Our other main focus is to interface with local biotechnology and research firms, offering in-house instruction, encouraging students to participate in internships and research projects, and form an interrelated network to benefit to the community at large. It is hoped that by doing this, we will be able to assist in bringing new biotechnology and bioscience firms to the area.

321 Montgomery Road
Altamonte Springs, FL 32716
Mission Statement: 

The Voyage Institute's mission is to educate and advance knowledge, all the while helping the Physically challenged, economically underprivileged and socially disadvantaged children and adults. We have and will continue to improve learning, human dignity and development in a diverse, rapidly changing technological society.

You donÂÂÂ’t have to be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident (Green Card Holder), or even reside in the United States of America to volunteer with The Voyage Institute.

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