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Organization Description: 

Since the beginning of the first school in 2005, the founders of WBK, have had the goal of being good teachers. We expect operating quality schools where students achieve high goals and learn to fight for social justice in Honduras and will be launched out of poverty through a good education.

The People of the Community of Las Brisas see the absence of bilingual education for poor people and the constant magisterial stoppages which causes loss of days of school in the state school students is for them that come together and founded the first school in the community Las Brisas, San Pedro Sula in the levels Pre-K to second grade, in 2011 already has opened the first year of High School, is also founded Coral Springs in Villanueva, Cortes, a school for preschool and primary education in 2008.

So, one school has become two, serving more than 250 students and employs more than 30 local employees. For better monitoring of the network of educational institutions, WBK Foundation was formally established in 2011 under the supervision of the Board of Directors and a principal office in Honduras, who rely on strategic plans, fundraising and everything related to good performance the operation of the entire organization.

WBK also offers programs for foreign volunteers who wish to work in Honduras. We invite to individuals with a love of children and a passion for learning to join us in San Pedro Sula or Villanueva teaching children or training to Honduran teachers. The Foundation can also host groups of volunteers who want to participate in a volunteer project within the communities. Recent projects have included the restructuring of schools, medical brigades and environmental awareness campaigns among others.

Col las brisas 25 calle 6 y 7 aver # 605
san pedro sula, 31101
Mission Statement: 

About us Walk Beside me for Knowledge. Is a registered organization in San Pedro Sula as non profit Honduras based foundation.

OUR MISSION We are a faith-based institution for children and young Hondurans to their own transformation, the community and around the country through education. From the classrooms of special education and bilingual education programs, our team of employees Honduran and foreign volunteers who are dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty providing us an intellectually stimulating environment, with growth and growth in spiritual values ​​and good people . Since the beginning of the first school in 2005 Bilingual School Garden and Smart Kids. We always want to offer children and young people an education that gives them power, support to be able to transform their own communities and their country

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