Organization Description: 

Vicitms of pitbulls and other aggressive dog breeds often face fears, and PTSD, medical or pet expensives, and depression alone. The victims are often ridiculed, forgotten and even harrassed online and in person. We provide online victims supports groups, as well as an annual walk/fesitival with music, food and NO DOGS. for victims to be enriched and encouraged by people who care about them.

M. Barbalaco
Tuscon, AZ 85730
Mission Statement: 

Support, honor, listen and care for victims of pitbull attacks and other aggressive breeds.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

In the spirt of Love Thy Neighbor we believe all victims of violence need support and victims of pitbull attacks and other violent dogs face life changing situations, stress, fear, medical bills, and depression. We show victims of these attacks that they are not alone and there are people in the world that care about them. We welcome and care for victims of all faiths, ages, races, sexes and nationalities.

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