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Organization Description: 

WAZAZI AFRICA is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2012 by two people, namely Pr. Peter Mayombwe and Pr. Sarah Mirembe in Luwero district with an initial support from Divine ministries outreach, to address the common challenges facing children, youth, women and young men from desperately poor families and communities as a result of the vulnerability inflicted upon them by the 1980-1986 bush war, thus resulting in inadequate household incomes, continuing very high illiteracy rates amongst bothchildren and adults, inadequate access to basic needs and services such as food, education, health, nutrition, information to mention few. WAZAZI AFRICA was therefore founded to abridge the existing wide income gaps among individuals, families and communities, the high illiteracy rates, high delinquencies, poor service delivery, poor and appalling health, climate change etc. WAZAZI foundation is registered with Luwero district local government as a community based organization under registration No. CD-BR5, dated 2nd April, 2015. The organization which operated illegally for a lengthy period of time from the date of founding is also currently undergoing an assessment process to complete registration and status as a national Non-governmental organization

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Mission Statement: 

WAZAZI foundation exists to enhance the socio-economic, moral and spiritual wellbeing of individuals, households and communities through empowerment, to enable all members live fulfilled lives of dignity, respect and integrity.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

webelive in God the Father ,son and the Holy Spirgt

No. CD-BR5,
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