Where There Is Not A Doctor

Organization Description: 

Where there is not a doctor' in the hill-tribes is a non-profit medical, social organization helping the poor, underprivileged and marginalized hill-tribe communities of Northern Thailand.

Working primarily in one sub-district of Chiang Ria, the organization moves from village to village, giving free medical treatment, advice and do many other social activities, helping to bring a better quality of life and improved health to the communities where there is no doctor.

Organizational Email: 
Chiang Rai, 57100
Mission Statement: 

Aim: (1) to work closely with other bodies with similar objectives;

(2) to strengthen collaboration between and among rural and remote communities and non-government agencies.

(3) to influence change in aspects of the delivery of health services in rural and remote Thailand.

(4) to protect hill-tribes from the NGOs and people who prey on them

Mission: to advance the understanding of and to improve the health, development, and quality of life both for children and adults in high-risks situation: Retroviral drugs, Drug abuse, Acute and Chronic illness.

Objective: to promote the health of the hill-tribe people and help them to live their lives perfectly

Vision: to increase society's acceptance of underprivileged and marginalized hill-tribes

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We come only once to this world, so we give our free service, skill, energy, time and possible donations to those less fortunate, poor and underprivileged human beings in this part of the world.

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