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Wiconi History


In February of 1997, Richard & Katherine Twiss co-founded Wiconi International. At the time they were living in Plummer, Idaho, on the Coeur d'Alene Reservation where Richard was working on staff with the International Bible Society. After the position at IBS unexpectedly ended, they were left without a job, savings or a contingency plan wondering, with great alarm, what they and their four young sons were going to do. It was during this time of personal crisis that, as an act of faith and obedience, they launched Wiconi International without any organizational or church backing.

With their sons future and well-being in mind, they moved, later that year, back to Vancouver, Washington so their four sons could complete their high school education and reconnect with their families and friends. With the exception of that year in Idaho, they have lived in Vancouver since 1981.

The international headquarters of Wiconi has outgrown its humble 10X10 spare room with only Richard & Katherine doing everything in 1997, into a multiple staff organization with a 2200 sq. ft four bedroom house on 2 ½ acres as its office. God has blessed their simple faith and obedience as Wiconi International has grown into a dynamic national faith-based organization that is making a significant impact among First Nations people here and abroad.

As the influence of Wiconi International has rapidly expanded, so has the leadership team and network. Wiconi is honored and privileged to be served by a talented, passionate and loving team of leaders and servants. Richard and Katherine are deeply grateful for the team of men and women who have joined the Wiconi International Tiyospaye "Extended Family." You can read about each of these staff and board members under the Wiconi Ministries staff page.

Box 5246
Vancouver, WA 98668
Mission Statement: 

Our Vision:

* Pursue a life of peace and wholeness, inviting others in our journey to walk in meaningful relationship with Creator, community, other ethnic groups, and creation - in the Spirit of Jesus.

Our Aspirations:

* To assist indigenous peoples to live in a good way with their Creator, family and others that results in wholeness and health in every sphere of human activity.
* To network with Native and non-Native leaders and organizations to develop respectful approaches to living out a biblical faith that honors and incorporates the cultural expressions of First Nations peoples.
* To see Indigenous traditions and worldview values embraced as a vital influence in shaping Christendom and other religious traditions of those working in our Native communities throughout the Americas.
* To serve internationally as a bridge builder and consulting resource for developing genuine community, unity, consciousness of social justice, creation stewardship and mutuality among diverse peoples.

Our Intentions:

* To develop indigenous educational models, materials, national seminars and learning centers to provide Native people with a biblically informed, yet thoroughly indigenous worldview framework; ultimately this will empower people and communities to rise above neo-colonial oppression, internally and externally, to raise up future generations of strong healthy leaders; this includes indigenous communities in North, Central South America and beyond.
* To organize and lead international Native Dance and Performing Arts Team(s), to share the beauty of our cultures, tribal and personal stories to build bridges of peace and understanding in the global community.
* To encourage, promote, and facilitate the producing of Creator-honoring music, the promotion of the faithful practice of traditional ceremonies that strengthens people, families and communities and emphasize the need for spiritual faithfulness to our Creator and Father Above as Life-giver and Waymaker.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Our Spiritual Values:

* We believe that Creator exists within the context of community; God-the-Father, God-the-the Son, and God-the-Holy Spirit. God is Author, Creator, and Sustainer of all human and non-human creation.
* We believe the Biblical story is God's self-revelation to humankind and that it is for all peoples and all languages everywhere as the sacred writings of Creator.
* We believe that humankind was created in the image of God, but because of pride and rebellion, rejected the Creator’s path of beauty, wandering in darkness and alienation from God. Jesus performed the "once and for all ceremony" through His death on a cross, and resurrection from the dead. By this He defeated the power of death and made a way for all tribes and nations to return to a loving relationship within the community of Heaven.

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