William Randolph Hearst

Primary Contact: 
Mason Granger, Program Director, Grants
300 West 57th Street 26th Floor
New York, NY 10019-3741
Type of Funder: 
Areas of Interest: 
Areas of Interest Description: 

Arts and culture

Social Service based organizations



Geographic Focus: 
Geographic Focus Limitations: 

Organizations located EAST of the Mississippi should send requests to the above address.  Organizations located WEST of the Mississippi should send request to the following address:

The William Randolph Hearst Foundations
90 New Montgomery Street
Suite 1212
San Francisco, California 94105
Telephone: 415-908-4500
Fax: 415-348-0887

Generally handle all charitable requests in the United States and its territories.

Organizations that serve larger geographic locations are favored over those that serve a neighborhood, grassroots, or community based area.

Will not accept emailed or faxed proposals.

Grants to individuals will not be considered.

Total Annual Giving: 


Application Procedures: 
Organization prefers applicants to submit a one-page executive summary.  This summary should be accompanied by a five-page proposal narrative and attachments.


Funding Limitations Description: 

Grants can not be granted to individuals

Private sector organizations are favored over those financed via taxation

Generally funds larger geographic areas, not grass root, neighborhood, or local community based organizations

If a proposal is submitted by an organization, it will be viewed within  one calander  year

Must submit proposals via postage mail (no faxes or emailed proposals allowed)

One site visit is required prior to the Board's review of proposal; visits to the William Randolph Hearst Foundation Offices are generally discouraged

Grantee organizations must wait a minimum of three years from the date they were granted an award before another request for funding is considered

The organization will not grant funding for start up and seed funding, publishing projects, loans and program related investments, conferences, workshops, seminars, public policy research, special events (tickets, tables, or advertising for fund raisers), any kind of equipment (i.e. computers, telephones, etc.), nor any type of radio, film, or other media related projects.



Selected Grants: 

Overall culture related funding: $15,355,000

Miscellaneous funding:  $50,000

Education:  $9,625,000

Health:   $9,425,000

Social Services:  $5,695,000


City/Metropolitan Area: 
Annual Giving: