Organization Description: 

This is an interdenominational Christian organization in Kenya, Africa. Whose purpose is to reach and train foundational Biblical truths to all new believers and preparing them for their special Godly ordained calling. Started on 3rd May 2008 to provide practical Biblical teachings through training centers, home care groups, seminars and conferences.

WEBUYE, 50205
Mission Statement: 

….. teaching everyman in all wisdom that we present everyman perfect in Chirst Jesus. Colossians 1:28

We want to influence Christian community and the unreached people groups to demonstrate holy life and living by:-
 Partnershiping with churches
 Nurturing and raising men and women who can serve their generation by the purpose of God.
 Enabling believers to properly observe, interpret and apply scriptures to their daily life and expose them to the whole counsel of God from which they may establish sound doctrine.
 To make new believers to know exactly and discover their God’s purpose for them.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God inerrant and thoroughly trust-worthy supreme authority for faith and conduct.
ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe Jesus Christ is the only son of God our Head, Savior and Lord.
ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe in Eternal Life and Eternal punishment to disobedience.
ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe the Holy Spirit is our Director, Counselor and participant to our life and ministry.
ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe in water Baptism.
ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe in salvation through Christ Jesus by Grace and faith not by Law or works.
ƒÆ’ ¢â‚¬Å¡ ƒâ€š ¢â‚¬¢ We believe in five fold ministries which Christ gave to the church.

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