Organization Description: 

The idea of the school is new.
There are other schools around in Surabaya but we focus on the lower class Christian Indonesians and chinese Indonesians who really need it. Our students are predominately Christian but we allow some moslim students to join as well.
Our course focus is on Speaking, Listening and Pronunciation as we believe these are the way to fluency. We work from well-known series of books for different ages.

At WorldEnglish, the coursefees are kept low to be able to allow our students; Christian children, teenagers and adults, to study English with native English speaking teachers.

Organizational Email:
Raya Dharmahusada 177
Surabaya, 60385
Mission Statement: 

WorldEnglish is a Christian English and Mandarin Language school in Surabaya, Indonesia.

Our mission is to offer the best English language education to lower class Christian children, teenagers and adults.

For them, WorldEnglish now provides the opportunity to learn English with foreign native-English speaking teachers.
Doing so increases their chances substantially as English is in great demand on the job market and is directly related to salary.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

WorldEnglish believes in devotion & worship of God, supportive & friendly relationships between students, teachers and their families, serving the community through Christian English language teaching.

We are an inter-denominational school. We consider ourselves a school where students from all ethnic backgrounds learn English through our common faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

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