Xaverian Brothers Volunteer Program

Organization Description: 

Our volunteer program rests on thee pillars:
spirituality (and a commitment to spiritual growth);
community (volunteers live in community with Xaverian Brothers);
a wilingness to journey with and among the poor.

In our volunteer program volunteers are asked to share their personal gifts/talents in a variety of setting: youth work, tutoring/teaching, personal accompanment, catechetics, assisting at a clinic staffed by Mother Teresa''s Sisters and at an orphanage for boys (100) and girls (25) in and around Hinche, Haiti. Hinche is in the mountain plateau of Haiti near the Dominican Republic.

We are expanding our Volunteer Program to Kenya and hope to mission volunteers in June 2009.

Our volunteer program is almost one year long going from
late June until late May.

Organizational Email: 
Xaverian Brothers Generalate
Baltimore, MD 21229
Mission Statement: 

In order to further the church/'s mission of evangelization and in keeping with the spirit of Theodore James Ryken, the founder of the Xaverian Brothers, the Xaverian Brothers sponsor a year' s formative experience in spirituality and mission for laymen and laywomen who express a desire to deepen their own lives by living in a Christian community and providing direct service to the poor.

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