Organization Description: 

We are a team of 9 full time youth workers. Youth-180° is a part of a registered charity called The Sycamore Tree Trust. We are also affiliated to British Youth for Christ. We work with young people in schools in Nuneaton and Bedworth, partnering with the secondary schools and some primary schools. We also do youth work for 8 churches across the area. Our headquarters, The Cube, is based on the corner of Edward Street just off Coton Road in Nuneaton.

Youth-180° was originally known as the "Nuneaton Youth Development Project". It was started in 1997 by a local Christian head teacher who saw a lack of young people engaging with the local community. His feeling was, "if the young people aren’t coming to the church, then the church must go to the young people". He took a risk and employed two Christian youth workers from the organisation Crusaders. The work went so well it eventually expanded to other local schools.

Soon after the current Director was instated is was obvious there was a need to change the name. After all, ‘Nuneaton Youth Development Project’ was very difficult to say in assemblies! It was also felt that this was no longer a short term project but something we believe had been birthed to be long term. It had become an organisation in it’s own right. The name ‘Youth-180°’ was born.

The Cube
Nuneaton, CV11 5RH
Mission Statement: 

To take good news relevantly to young people in Nuneaton and Bedworth.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Can be given upon request.

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