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Yofochm will visit Namisambya a village in Kamuli district for the second time, to preach, love, train, donate, rehabilitate the ministry orphanage and training home and establishing a church at the orphanage site to accommodate 500 needy, orphans & vulnerable people. Namisambya mostly has been known for unbelief, poverty, orphaned children with a few privileged homes.


The available blocks have been accommodating a few of the needy children Yofochm cares for pending rehabilitation to help support a great number. This year, our plan is to send part of our team to provide man power for making bricks and collect sand needed for the rehabilitation process. Additionally the team will also carry out evangelistic missions & other activities as planned. The centre will also work as our main headquarters to YOFOCHM, home for more than 500 needy, school of ministry to train kingdom ministers. Technical & primary school for the Yofochm supported young people(unprivileged, orphans) training in skills like computer, tailoring ,beads making ,construction & others, centre for free medical services to communities. And the Yofochm supported children will be trained on how to raise food and money for themselves through putting more emphasis on farming and poultry at our land.


We are thus seeking to register at least 30 people as partners in the cause with each providing a financial contribution of two hundred thousand shillings ($ 120) each as support to the full establishment of the center. Additionally, tangible materials/items needed for construction or to be used by the school immediately after rehabilitations are welcomed as outlined below.



1. Paint, Iron Sheets, Nails, Windows & Door, Cement

2. Tent for temporally church

3. Sewing Machines, Computer, Black Boards, Desks, Seats

4. Beds, Mattresses, Basins, Blankets, clothes, shoes, basins


Finally, if you have or connected to a volunteer team that can join us in training the village people in available development skills, help us in cleaning/digging spring well, evangelize, donate tangible items or medical teams that can volunteer in giving free health services to these communities are welcome and please feel free to contact us .Our expectation is to take the village for Christ and get it transformed physically, financially, and spiritually. Together we change lives


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