Youth Gospel Association

Organization Description: 

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to provide opportunities to youth to learn and perfect the Gospel music craft and skill. Youth will learn directing, musical knowledge and musicianship, and team building skills. Youth will also learn that possessing great character builds positive academic and professional relationships. YGA Creed

Learning is obtainable!!!! Nothing is impossible when you work hard!!!!

Organizational Targets and Goals

Help and serve youth from low to moderate income families Ages 5 to 10 years old will be in the Primary choir and classes. Ages 11 to 18 will be in the young adult choir and classes. Youth will be required to maintain a B average in school to be able to participate. Youth will be held accountable for their actions inside and outside their homes and communities. Parents will be required to turn in progress report on all students. The organization will furnish all equipment, uniforms, and required material for classes and events. The main focus will be to teach them how to live what they represent. We look forward to being one of the best tools to helping churches develop good musicians and quality youth to help propel the church of tomorrow in a positive direction.

2219 Hollybush Drive
Dallas, TX 75228
Mission Statement: 

Youth Gospel Association will teach life and character building skills, through the benefits of learn the arts of Gospel music. The students (ages 5-18) will have a series of classes (after school hours) that will include life skills, gospel musicianship, choir, choir direction, music knowledge (which involves learning notes on perspective instrument).The students will be taught and learn how present themselves in and out of their local communities; which will help change and lower the crime rates. The students as a benefit will form the YGA mega mass choir at the end of the school year.

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