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Youth are leaders now and the future members and leaders of our society. Yet, in many ways our society has abandoned its youth, particularly in urban areas. Youth are often seen as problems to be removed from our neighborhoods or as people who are to merely be kept occupied to ?stay out of trouble,? unable to make any meaningful contribution to society.

Youth Resources was established to invest in urban youth and those leaders and organizations dedicated to helping them become all they can be. We believe that urban youth are valuable now and in the future, and our organization exists to provide resources that will help them maximize their current and potential effectiveness as leaders.
? One of the key reasons cited for turnover of church youth leaders is lack of resources. By filling the gaps in some areas, Youth Resources fosters continuity of leadership, thereby strengthening this important link to serving urban youth.
? An important factor contributing to under achievement and lack of purpose among urban youth is the absence of fathers in many homes. By providing resources that strengthen families and support extended family networks that provide mentors and others to fill the role of father, Youth Resources contributes to the healthy transition from adolescent to .
? Many urban youth lack the networks and resources to obtain job training and internship experiences more common in suburban areas. By providing job skill training and the opportunity to exercise those skills, Youth Resources enables urban youth to gain experience that can lead to professional success and economic independence.

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Youth Resources exists for the advancement of urban youth and youth working organizations and to reduce crime, , illiteracy and fatherlessness.?

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